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Birthday Cake


Kiryu Chan

I’m Kiryu, and I’m the dude who got this cosplay thing started with BHA; Apart from cosplaying at BHA parties, I’m also the one in charge of recruiting and organising the cosplay group for BHA

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Hello, I am Natalie, your friendly neighborhood from Hong Kong! I love spreading happiness to others."If you help someone, you help everyone."

CKS Isaac

Hey, everyone, it’s Isaac, the soldier boy! I love cosplaying because it helps to promote the heroism to others (especially for kids!). I want to send them a message that we don’t have to a superpower to be a super hero, because our greatest superpower is our good virtue, so Be strong and Be good!


Hey everyone. My name is Jaden, I have been doing cosplay for 3 years. At first, I start doing Spider-man cosplay as a beginner, and now I have been cosplaying different characters. The main reason I do cosplay is to bring happiness to others, to spread positivity through my cosplay. That's why I am grateful to have the opportunity to do charity and volunteer work by collaborating with Birthday Happinees Aisa, I found it really meaningful as I am able to bring joys to children in their birthday parties.

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