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謝謝愛德華。 來自David 和 Peony。我們親眼目睹了 Edwards BHA 在深水埗為 8 名當地兒童舉辦的派對。 明顯地有些孩子很害羞,不習慣有人為他們慶祝生日,但感謝愛德華和他的志願者團隊讓孩子們能享受無拘束的派對。隨著派對遊戲的進行,他們變得越來越放開拘束,越來越投入。比賽結束後有豐盛的食物和飲料,明顯地這些孩子中的一些人營養不良,愛德華和他的團隊再次帶領他們“吃得開心”。 送禮物儀式對這些孩子來說也是一個非常激動人心的活動,這將是他們永遠不會忘記的一天。 我們認為常認為慶祝生日是理所當然的,但是這些孩子甚至沒有這個機會去慶祝。這個活動不僅可以幫助他們建立社交技能,還可以為他們的生活帶來歡笑、幸福和希望。 繼續運送 BHA,您正在做一項了不起的工作

We witnessed first hand Edwards Birthday Happiness Asia in sham Shui po a Party for 8 local children . It was clear that some of the children were quite shy and not used to being in a celebratory setting but thanks to Edward & his team of volunteers way of letting the children "be themselves" as the party games wore on they became more & more out of their shell - it was so nice to see . After the games there was sumptuous food & drink and it was obvious some of these children were under nourished & again Edward & his team led them to "eat & be merry". The gift ceremony was also a very exciting event for these children & it would be a day they will never forget . We take birthdays for granted these children so not even have that chance and this not only helps them build social skills it brings laughter & happiness & hope into their lives .


Keep trucking Birthday Happiness Asia, you are doing a phenomenal job!

David & Peony (senior teacher of Mandarin at St Paul's) - HBA Volunteers

Having had the pleasure of helping on a couple of different parties/venues, it really is a privilege to see the excitement on the faces of the kids (and parents!) when they walk in to the decorated room and then to see the excitement continue through all of the fun party games and great food.  It really makes volunteering the time all the more worthwhile.  I can't speak highly enough about Ed and the team for expanding the charity/parties to new venues and kids, despite the difficult times we've had in recent years.

Owen Cooper - Business Development Manager @ Regent Property

I had such a great time volunteering at the party! It was lovely seeing a local charity that really makes a significant difference to less privileged children in HK.  It's great knowing that even in these hard times, people like Edward are still out there helping kids enjoy their childhood, thank you for giving us a chance to help!

Jackie Lam - Director @ JLL APAC



Children are the group most affected by poverty in cosmopolitan Hong Kong with its widening gap between rich and poor. 253,000 local children struggle to survive in poverty, with 50,000 children living in caged homes or partitioned rooms and doing their homework on beds. SoCO safeguards poor children’s rights and equal development opportunities through policy advocacy, service provision, and social involvement while helping them to improve their living conditions and developmental opportunities. Thanks to BHA helped to coordinate different community partners and provide everything necessary for underprivileged kids to celebrate birthday parties like cakes, decoration, games and gifts. BHA and the volunteers gave them a meaningful day of joy and celebration.


-SoCO Kiki Community Organizer

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