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Rain Showers Didn't Dampen the Enthusiasm


On behalf of the Directors, we would like to welcome you to the May issue of your Newsletter, M.E.F. April showers battered Hong Kong in the month of April but it did not dampen the enthusiasm for Birthday Happiness Asia. Thanks to your efforts and we being noticed more and more in Hong Kong and around Asia, including China.


Our first joyous party in the month of Spring saw us return to the Society for Community Organization. This was a momentous party as it was led by our latest Team Leader, Jocelyn Sun. Although still at School, Jocelyn has proven a capable leader and demonstrated her skills by leading this joyous party, skilfully. There were 10 Celebrants ranging in age from 4 to 9 years old. Her team included 3 Cosplayers, 2 Captain Americas and Spiderman – Kiryu, Jaydon and Isaac. Before the joyous party began, Kiryu did some magic tricks. The trick that drew the most applause was when he pulled a coin from a girl’s ear. Jocelyn had the usual fun games like Musical Chairs and Pass the Ball. Then came the beautiful cake created by Mabel Chan. Some of the Participants said they had not seen such a beautiful cake. when the cake was bought into the darkened Venue by the Superheroes. Everyone had a memorable time, especially the Celebrants thanks to a wonderful group of Volunteers, a talented Team Leader and the hard work put in by Dicky Lee who left the Society for Community Organization at the end of April.

Our second joyous party saw us return to the Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society’s Centre in Kowloon City. This time we delivered birthday happiness to children who use the Centre and come from the Thai community. There were six Celebrants and with their Guests there about 15 Participants. Experienced Volunteer, Karen was joined by new Volunteers, Angie, Chung Yin, Finn and 2 Spider men and Cyclops - Kiryu, Jaden and Hugo. Prior to the joyous party, Kiryu took off his Cyclops’ visor and performed magic tricks. To see some of these magic tricks please visit our Instagram page or on your website. The joyous party had the traditional games like Pass the Ball, Musical Chairs and Simon Says. There was an audible gasp when the cake was brought in to the darkened Venue by the Superheroes. The Celebrants made a wish, and cut a beautiful pink cake made by Radhika. The Participants enjoyed their traditional Thai Sa-Koo-Sai-J provided by Ms. Sujitra and their very untraditional pizza!! Desert was the traditional Thai deserts 'TA-GO' and K̄ĥāw h̄enīyw mam̀wng (Mango Sticky Rice) were made by the Participants’ Mothers. Ms. Phitchaya and some of the Mums also bought fruits originating from Thailand for their children to enjoy. This joyous party was filmed by Ms. Hanne Chan and members of the Multi Media Team from Chinese University of Hong Kong. They filmed the preparation of the Venue, the entire joyous party and then interviewed some of the Celebrants and their Guests, The Social Worker, Ms. Mui and the Coordinator of the Cosplayers, Kiryu. Hopefully the video report will come out in the next few weeks.

Our third and last joyous party of the month occurred in the Missionaries of Charity Home on the worst day of the year in Southern China, weather wise. The region had to endure gale force winds, heavy rains and thunderstorms. Despite the appalling conditions, 15 Volunteers braved the weather and came to the Home to deliver birthday happiness. Out of concern for the safety for their children many Celebrants and their Guests did not attend and the Volunteers outnumbered the Participants! However, with a dynamic group of Volunteers with Jeremy taking a leading role, everyone had a great time. He led the joyous party with games like Musical Chairs and Dance Freeze. The game Simon Says was great fun with some of the younger Celebrants leading the game. Jeremy also made a yummy cake that he started baking at Midnight. Instead of boring Spotify, all the music was provided by Emilie on her Ukulele. After the Celebrants blew out the Candles on Jeremy’s yummy cake after making a wish for the future, the Volunteers served all the Participants fresh fruit and cake. Although starting very late due to waiting for some of the Celebrants to appear, it truly was a wonderful joyous party. Special thanks must go to all the Volunteers who worked very hard to pulled together to deliver birthday together at memorable and joyous party.


You may recall in a previous issue of your Newsletter, we informed you that Ms. Hanne Chan a Student/Reporter at the award-winning magazine, Varsity attended the joyous party in the Society for Community Organization. Hanne attends the Chinese University of Hong Kong and is studying Media Studies. Whilst at the joyous party Hanne interviewed the Team Leader, Ms. Eva Lo, the Social Worker, Dicky Lee and the Celebrants and their Guests. Her well written article appeared in the issue that came out on 2nd April and can be viewed at


At our joyous party in the Missionaries of Charity on Sunday, 21st April the weather in Southern China was the worst it has been this year with gale force winds, thunderstorms and very heavy rain. Despite the barriers that Mother Nature put in her way, Fang Wei, Ruth was determined to be a Volunteer and deliver birthday happiness. She crossed the border from Shenzhen with 3 children that involved 2 train journeys and a bus to the border. Here is her Testimonial: 很高兴带着我的孩子们参加这个自愿者活动,我希望孩子们明白:生活的美好不仅仅是过好自己的日子,如果能在自己能力范围内帮助到其他人或者能给别人带去一些快乐也是一件很美好的事情,只要人人献出一点爱,世界将变得更加美好。 I am very happy to take my children to participate as volunteers for Birthday Happiness Asia: to deliver birthday happiness in Missionaries of Charity. I hope the children understand that the good life is not only about living a good life, but also to help others or bring some happiness to others within your ability. As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a better place.


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