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Birthday Cake


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Tope Orimolade

My name is Tope Orimolade, a wife and a mother of three lovely children.

A Nigerian student with Caritas Institute of Higher Education, studying Digital Entertainment Technology. 

 I love putting smiles on people's faces and lending hands to the needy
and desolate. 

So happy to be part of Birthday Happiness Asia(BHA)

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Sonya King

Hi! My name is Sonya 桑亞, and I am so proud to have been a team leader for Birthday Happiness Asia. Growing up in Taiwan, I was shocked to learn about the drastic wealth gap when I moved to Hong Kong — a city with mansions, skyscrapers, yet caged homes to the side. Being part of Birthday Happiness, however, helped me understand this issue through the many stories of children who despite their circumstances, maintain their innocence and resilience. As much as I loved the cakes and presents, my favorite part of the parties was always tossing the balloons. I had so much fun playing catch with the participants and felt the pure joy that this simple game brought to children, parents, and volunteers of all ages, including myself. I am a strong believer in BHA's mission, and now that I am a college student in the US, I will try my very best to expand its influence! Edward reminded us often, but here it is again - you never know how many lives you are changing with a simple party. 

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Fiona Wei

Hi! I’m Fiona from China, and I am the Team Leader at Birthday Happiness from 2022 to 2023. My experience at Birthday Happiness has become a precious treasure for me. As a team leader, my responsibilities included coordinating with social workers, recruiting team members based on principles, and designing the program for the birthday celebration. One of my most memorable experiences was working with the HK Society of Deaf for a party. I celebrated the birthday with a group of hearing-impaired children, and this experience helped me gain a better understanding of their living conditions in Hong Kong. It also inspired me to learn HK sign language. I hope that BHA can bring happiness and unforgettable birthdays to even more children in the future.
大家好,我是来自中国的韦钱弈赏,在2022至2023年在Birthday Happiness 担任Team leader。在Birthday happiness的经历成为我非常珍贵的宝藏。作为team leader 我需要 联系social worker, 招募志愿者,设计生日当天的节目单。我印象最深的是与HK society of deaf的合作的派对,我与中心的听障儿童一同庆祝了生日,通过这次经历,我更加了解香港听障群体的生活处境,这激励我去学习手语。希望BHA能给更多的孩子带来快乐和一个难忘的生日

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Justin Blake

Hi, I'm Justin and I'm from Kingston, Jamaica! I had the absolute pleasure of serving as a Team Leader for Birthday Happiness from 2022 to 2023. Apart from gaining experience in event planning and building my communication skills, I got to know Hong Kong on a much more intimate level through BHA. To this day I treasure having the opportunity to meet so many amazing kids who make all the effort worth it. Some of my most memorable parties were our collaboration with one of the mosques in Hong Kong as well as our joint party with SoCo. Even though I may not have been able to fully communicate with all of the kids, the language barrier disappeared as soon as the party started. They definitely learned a lot about other cultures through meeting me and my other Team Leaders, but I think I learned more from them along the way. Volunteering with BHA is an unforgettable experience for anyone, and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering it.

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Eudmarly Gedeon

Hi, my name is Eudmarly GEDEON. I am from Haiti. I started to volunteer for birthday happiness because I wanted to be involved in the new community, I was part of and I am a kid lover. I immediately fell in love with the concept and the kids after my first participation. Since then, I get involve in as much parties as I can. I think the concept of BHA is beneficial for both party organizer and celebrants. The joy and happiness that we get to experience at every single event is amazing. It reminds me that a simple gesture like providing a party to a young child can bring so much to the life of these kids and our lives as volunteers it reminds me that we don’t need much to make a difference and be the change that we want to see in the world.

Bonjou, Mwen se Eudmarly GEDEON. M soti Ayiti. Mwen te komanse patisipe nan BHA paske mwen te vle enplike m plis nan nouvo kominote mwen ap viv kounye a epi tou paske mwen renmen timoun. Mwen imediatman tonbe damou pou projet an ak tout  timoun yo apre premye fwa mwen te patisipe an. Depi jou sa mwen eseye patisipe souvan nan oganizasyon evenman yo. Mwen kwe BHA se yon benefis pou timoun ka fete yo epi volonte yo tou. Apre chak fet tout moun kit e nan espas lan soti avek ke kontan e se sa nou vle we sou figi tout moun ki enplike avek BHA. Tout sa fem sonje ou pa bezwen anpil pou w pote chanjman nan anvironman w. On senp fet ka chanje anpil na lavi timoun yo, epi nan lavi volonte yo tou.

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