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Tope Orimolade

My name is Tope Orimolade, a wife and a mother of three lovely children.

A Nigerian student with Caritas Institute of Higher Education, studying Digital Entertainment Technology. 

 I love putting smiles on people's faces and lending hands to the needy
and desolate. 

So happy to be part of Birthday Happiness Asia(BHA)


Pei Ying

Hello! I am Peiying from Hong Kong :)
Birthdays are indeed among the most exciting and special occasions of the year! Yet as I grew older, I slowly understood how fortunate it was to have birthday celebrations with cakes
and gifts. Therefore, I joined Birthday Happiness Asia to spread more happiness and kindness to every corner of Hong Kong. Being a volunteer and team leader, this is such a
spectacular and meaningful opportunity, not only was I able to share the joy of birthdays with children, but it is also a reminder for me to always be grateful for what I have. Looking forward to contributing more and influencing more acts of kindness!

大家好!我係嚟自香港嘅Peiying! :)
生日派對係每一年之中最特別, 最令人興奮嘅時候!但係我長大咗之後,慢慢明白到可以舉
辦一個擁有蛋糕同禮物嘅生日派對係一件非常之幸運嘅事。所以我參加咗 Birthday
Happiness Asia ,希望將快樂帶到香港嘅每一個角落。參加 Birthday Happiness 嘅義工活動
係一個非常特別同有意義嘅機會, 因為我唔單止可以同小朋友一齊分享生日嘅快樂, 仲可以提

Marly Birthday Happiness Asia_edited.jpg

Eudmarly Gedeon

Hi, my name is Eudmarly GEDEON. I am from Haiti. I started to volunteer for birthday happiness because I wanted to be involved in the new community, I was part of and I am a kid lover. I immediately fell in love with the concept and the kids after my first participation. Since then, I get involve in as much parties as I can. I think the concept of BHA is beneficial for both party organizer and celebrants. The joy and happiness that we get to experience at every single event is amazing. It reminds me that a simple gesture like providing a party to a young child can bring so much to the life of these kids and our lives as volunteers it reminds me that we don’t need much to make a difference and be the change that we want to see in the world.

Bonjou, Mwen se Eudmarly GEDEON. M soti Ayiti. Mwen te komanse patisipe nan BHA paske mwen te vle enplike m plis nan nouvo kominote mwen ap viv kounye a epi tou paske mwen renmen timoun. Mwen imediatman tonbe damou pou projet an ak tout  timoun yo apre premye fwa mwen te patisipe an. Depi jou sa mwen eseye patisipe souvan nan oganizasyon evenman yo. Mwen kwe BHA se yon benefis pou timoun ka fete yo epi volonte yo tou. Apre chak fet tout moun kit e nan espas lan soti avek ke kontan e se sa nou vle we sou figi tout moun ki enplike avek BHA. Tout sa fem sonje ou pa bezwen anpil pou w pote chanjman nan anvironman w. On senp fet ka chanje anpil na lavi timoun yo, epi nan lavi volonte yo tou.

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